Posters in LaTeX

Using LaTeX one can produce fancy posters for conferences. There are quite some document classes available on the net, but not all of them are that great.

On this page I'd like to demonstrate my own evolution. I made my first humble poster for a conference using sciposter, which is rather easy to use but feels a bite like the late 1980s. After getting to know the beamer class for presentations I made all my other posters using the beamerposter class, which simply is a modification of the beamer class.


sciposter is a more traditional class. The document is written like any other document. Using only the sciposter class posters look a bit "old school". Refer to my poster for the EMC14 in Aachen as an example.

One can pimp up the style by defining custom colored boxes with TikZ. As an example see my poster for the conference IMC17 in Rio.

But still this document class has more in common with the article class than with a poster made with a graphics program.


beamerposter is a more modern alternative and based on the beamer class for presentations. The document is designed like slides for presentations and the result is looking quite better as you can see in [1].

As an example you can have a look on my poster for the MC2011.

Being a derivative of the beamer document class beamerposter allows nesting of blocks and application of predefined and custom color themes.


In order to get started, feel free to have a look at the LaTeX source files. Please note that I have not uploaded any further files, which are required by those files. Feel free to replace images and BibTeX references.